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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged on the way its animals are treated." 
 - Mahatma Gandhi

NESAA's Mission Statement:
To advocate, protect and rescue, abandoned and abused animals using a proactive, humane approach. We are committed to our "no kill" programs, increasing community awareness and creating progressive changes in animal welfare.


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NESSA's belief is that informing individuals about about the real issues within their community is critical. With their new- found knowledge, this will inspire them to join our "no kill" efforts for compassionate, humane changes.

  • Each year, over 7 million animal friends are euthanized (needlessly killed).
  • Massachusetts is ranked 16th in the U.S. for cat ownership and 50th in dog ownership for the US (American Veterinary Medical Association - 1/07 survey).
  • Despite the above statistic the cat is the least valued pet in the state of Massachusetts (MSPCA)
  • The state of Massachusetts has over 800,000 free roaming cats (MSPCA).
  • The state of Massachusetts has no known free roaming dogs to even create a statistic (Animal Rescue League). Free-roaming does not mean surrendered to a shelter


P.O. Box 1041, Osterville, MA 02655

(508) 771-7800 . Fax (508) 771-7801

Cat shot, apparently hit by car in Mashpee
A domestic short-haired cat — dubbed Dempsey because of his fighting spirit — is in the care of a veterinarian after being shot and apparently run over by a car in Mashpee.  Read more 

The society is offering a $500 reward, through an anonymous donor, to whomever helps find Dempsey’s attacker and is asking anyone with information to call 508-771-7800 or write to P.O. Box 1041, Osterville, MA 02655. The agency is at 89 S. Main St., Unit A-1, in Centerville.